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After I finished applying it to her clit I checked her heart and it was beating so fast. I took the remote control and tucked it into her leggings(reason I asked her to keep it on). She got so tense when she saw me turning the knob onto “max power”. After everything was ready it was time for my favorite part……action. I whispered in her ear “You ready to scream?” She just panted and family guy nude activated it. I took a couple of steps family guy nude back and she started shaking and screaming. She thrusted and thrusted on the bed while making attempts to break free. I sat there and watched and watched as my gf was having a crazy reaction to the FamilyGuyXxx vibrator. She screamed and screamed and screamed until she started squirting out of control. When she told me to turn it off I did…but she did not know the second part of my plan. I also applied the? family guy nude and set it in place also on “max power”. I activated both at the same time and she went nuts. She screamed louder than ever(Luckily there was nobody home). I family guy nude just sat there and got horny from the constant fighting against the vibrators.


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